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    Bai'ao Biology Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engages in the R&D, development, production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates, compound essence, fine chemicals and biology chemistry. At the same time, it can provide technical advice, technical training, production arts improving and technical transforming and other service. The company owns 20,000 square meters modern production workshops in Chuzhou, Anhui Province which were equipped with completed production and testing equipments. It strictly carries out ISO9001-2000 Quality Guarantee System. The production arts and quality can all reach to international first class standard. There is R&D center in Dingjia Bridge, Gulou District, Nanjing. The R&D ability is strong with in depended research center as well as technical team made up of Doctors, Masters with rich experience. The enterprise has built all functional and all levels development and research in pharmacy, chemical and biotechnology with Nanjing University, China Pharmaceutical Universityy, Southeast University and Nanjing university of technology to provide timely, fast and efficient service.

    The enterprise adheres to seek survival from quality, development from technology, lead with market and service as philosophy as the management principle; environment protective, society repaying, employees caring as the social responsibility; moral, honest, innovation and practical as the pursuit and goal.

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    Room 905, Tianzheng International Plaza, No.399, Zhongyang Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
    (Chuzhou Factory)E-mail:sales@baiaochem.comAdd: Shahe Industrial Park, Chuzhou
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